Welcome to Riverbend Art and Therapy.


What I do

I work collaboratively, inter-sectionally and conscious of my clients lived experience and world view.

I believe learning to become an authentic person is the ongoing journey we all undergo and with counselling, it can be a bit easier. I believe strongly in meeting an individual where they are presently and working alongside their own desires for change and growth. 


However, counselling is a safe space to work through these difficult parts so that you are able to take better control over your own life and live your life authentically.

I work with an open and curious mind and I invite all persons coming to counselling to be open about the process. You may be surprised with what you notice about yourself and how you relate to others in your life.


My name is Lauren Buckley and I am a registered Clinical Counsellor and Art Therapist.

I work with individual and couples counselling with regards to self esteem, life-stage development, anxiety, intimacy/relationship difficulties, communication and boundary building, monogamy & non-monogamy.


Much of my experience is working with LGBTQIA+ individuals and couples through relational issues, discovering (and rediscovering!) aspects of their sexuality and identity. 

I am also an Art Therapist, which you may be asking yourself;

why art therapy?


What if I can’t draw or even consider myself an artist? I invite you to be curious – of yourself, your abilities and of your creativity when working with me.


Creativity is not all done on a canvas, it is the way we live, work, think and love.

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